The Daily Route

I travel a good 1.5 hrs one way from my home to work.Today on the way back, I was looking at each of those areas that I pass through and was wondering how each one was different from the other.

A)ORR or the Outer Ring road is the IT hub for BLR.The Bellandur area has a Central Mall, is bustling with two wheelers and four wheelers.Traffic is a mess, a fly over is under construction.A lot of real estate builders have come up with swanky apartments to lure the IT crowd.But for the IT corridor, this area must have been a remote outskirts of the city!

B)The HSR-Silk Board : Lots of posh individual houses, newly constructed, each one different from the other.Very pleasant to watch since some of these houses have very unique designs.Well laid roads,gives a very planned city feel to the place.Again thriving well because its easily accessible from Whitefield as well as Electronics City

C)Bannerghatta Road: Lots of apartment complexes.Chok a block traffic.A urban feel to the place.Lots of shopping malls and eateries to cater to the urban middle class crowd.

D)MS Ramiah City: Like this place for the greenery.From here on , there is more greenery.Also it being the rainy season, everything looks refreshing and cool!Again this is a well planned layout, nicely laid roads.Gives a gated community kind of feel to it

E)JP NGR 8th phase: From here on, you see the urban look deteriorating..Lots of bushes and houses sparingly seen.Hardly decent roads and the ride is usually bumpy.Sometimes I wonder how people manage to reach their homes once it gets dark, because these are tucked away deep inside!

On the way back to Kanakpura road , there is a huge hamlet that has been set up by nomads .Lots of camels ,probably they make a living out of those.However every day I wonder what kind of money they would earn in a IT city !!

I was always fascinated about history, esp the Indus Valley civilisation and how a city/town gets born .

Its amazing and interesting  as to how each area within the same city is different from the other. The shapes, the sizes and the look they achieve based on how man manipulates the resources around them!