Redemption Bangalore

Bangalore is a curse ! Sorry !! Yes it definitely is .

It took me 2 hours and 45 minutes to reach home today. The only mistake I did was to miss the office cab at 5 PM and take a normal bus at 5:30 PM opposite Prestige Tech Park(PTP).

Wait ! Did I say one bus. I took 3 in total, getting off one, getting on to another.

I begin to realize what a huge blunder it is to miss the office cab when I reach the PTP gates. It is simply impossible to cross the Outer ring road during the evening hours.There is no over head bridge, no traffic police than can man the traffic and all people do is blindly charge on to the on coming traffic.

There have been many days when I have stood dazed waiting for the traffic to clear. But then I eventually end up rushing past the traffic.
Last evening it took one hour to cross the ORR and the same today too. I would believe it is due to the Diwali rush with people leaving the city .

The last lag of the journey back home needs a special mention. There have been many days where I remembered the scene from Swadesh , Shahrukh sitting on a village muddy bus amongst other villagers.

I avoid costly autos and settle for private bus that ply to Kanakpura road and that is where the fun begins. On Many days I have asked myself “Where the hell am I sitting”. How the hell am I wasting time. Because these buses don’t move until the driver manages to fill up his bus with villagers .So all he does is play a crappy Kannada movie to keep the occupants engaged while he fills the bus. Ya the Jinka Marina kinds..

Would you believe there have been days where I even begin to enjoy the crap he plays. I even went on to ask some one one day what movie was playing .lol!!!
And then there was a day when the driver got out and fetched fresh veggies from the Banashankari market for his home, leaving the bus on the road.

Or stopping mid way and collecting the fare for tickets.

Leaving you with a pic I took in the bus today.

Yes these are my fellow friends on the bus – the ones that string flowers, the ones that sell drumsticks and thota koora 🙂

But then in spite of my pitiable condition, there was a new thought playing in my head – as to how the lady taking it home would fill it with water because her area has water shortage and that I was atleast lucky that we in the apartment have a water tanker to fill the water

I think I will make a great social activist – what with my great connection with the grass root level !

Do you have plans to move back to India. No !!! DON’T !! Never chose Bangalore .

Because this ain’t a garden city anymore. Its a garbage city!


The roads of Bengaluru

Did you ever have a day where a seemingly normal or innocent act can turn into something that is headache inducing , so much so you shudder to think about the consequences.

A few days back, I asked my cab driver to drop me at Bannerghatta road. I don’t pick my child from daycare everyday.His father does that.So I thought it will be nice to give my son a surprise and watch his face bright up if he sees me in his class in the evening.I pick him up, his face brightens up, I engage in talk with the class teacher, me and my son went to Spar which is next door to the daycare.We did some light shopping which in fact wasn’t essential at all.Even as we got our billing done, the husband turned up and waited at the daycare with the car for us to finish.He hates the Bannerghatta road , especially the narrow road leading up to the daycare which is a nuisance for vehicles to be parked.There have been days when he has received a ticket as well from the inspectors.There is no way you can park a car on Bannerghatta road and then pick a child and get moving.If you live or work around the Accenture area, you know what I am talking about.

And then the worse happens. A mini truck that was loaded with car oil , overturns just next to the car while the driver tried to climb a ramp.The mini truck narrowly misses our car and luckily does not hurt anyone around(this is evening pick up time , many parents land at the daycare , too many cars/autos/two wheelers etc). All the contents land on to the road.The narrow road now becomes even more messier and it takes additional 10 min to reverse the car and then get on the main road.

Had the truck landed on our car, or spilled its oil, well !! stopping those thoughts right there

Yesterday, the cab passed by BTM layout and as we waited at a residential colony for the traffic jam to clear up, we watched a family go furious at a motorist who landed on their car. This guy was conveniently using the walk path to drive on, due to the traffic pile up. And I wonder why a family would park their car on the foot path that was meant for pedestrians.

Last evening, the cab driver , had to apply sudden breaks. I landed with my hand forcibly on to the the front seat and had a bad ache on my left hand all evening.

The cab driver thinks you never know what you may encounter on Bengaluru roads. And I cannot agree more with him !

Put your right foot in..put your left foot out..

Or should I say ” Hop a little jump a little” ???

Those are the road dividers on bannerghatta road and for the last 4 days , I have been hopping over these to drop lil D at his daycare, fully knowing that a wrong move would mean either of us falling on to traffic.

This is close to IBC knowledge Park building which is VERY VERY busy through out the day.There is a Sagar hospital too near by. There is IBM, Airtel close by and this road also leads you to Dairy Circle and to Koramangala. So you can imagine how busy this road is in the mornings and evenings

What I ask is why can’t this road have a overhead walk path for commuters?like the one we have near Bishop cotton boys?

At any time in the day, Accenture building has atleast 20-30 people stopping the on going traffic to cross the road.

Are the authorities listening?? Oh wait !!! let them finish watching videos on their cell phones.