We had an offsite at work and we had lots of fun playing in water. It was a water theme park , somewhere near the new airport in Bangalore. But  the best-est take away was not the water sports we got to play there, but a game a senior member of the team devised.

So 13 of us in total sat in a circle in a Jacuzzi  The game we played is a popular kiddie game. One person stands and goes around and discreetly drops a hanky behind a person’s back. The person has to then chase the one that dropped the hanky before he occupies the vacant seat

Now this is one simple game when played on the ground. But try playing in water.

Try chasing a friend around a circle in water . The fun doubles – no ! it triples.  And your legs would give up. And your lungs would ache – with your squealing and running around chasing the opponent in water.

..Do it amidst cheers and loud cheering and clapping.

And do try playing when you are in the 30’s

And get back to me and say if you enjoyed this game in water !