The Rural Touch

Ok! if there’s something that the boy really loves, then its the nursery rhymes on youtube. Seriously, youtube has been a blessing.We love the Telugu rhymes specifically.They have a very Indian feel to it .The kiddo was crazzy about trains a few weeks back, so we played Chuk Chuk Rail again and again and again all day long.Soon enough he got bored of that.Now he is hooked on to “Row Row boat” and “The Wheels on the Bus”

I love the rural Indian touch that has been given to the Telugu nursery rhymes.Most of these videos has a mom singing to the child , with a rural setting such as a charpoi, or a mud hut.Gives a very refreshing feel for some one who battles the day thro the corporate/concrete jungle

Talking about rhymes, some simply don’t appeal at all and the son gets wild , waves a “Bye” and starts hitting the laptop.There are some that are truly melodious. We like “Aku kavala”, Tharangam, Koti Bawa Pelli, Chuk Chuk Rail, Chandamama Rave.

There are also some that have a lesson at the end.One such is a girl child that refuses to do house hold chores and enjoys going to school with big bro.Probably such rhymes are designed keeping in mind that girls are a neglected lot in rural India.There is also another hilarious one where a daughter-in-law parrot refuses to adjust in her in-laws place 🙂 Kind of funny how childrens rhymes have social issues neatly stuffed into them

I am leaving here a link to one of those rhymes that has a rural backdrop to it.