Put your right foot in..put your left foot out..

Or should I say ” Hop a little jump a little” ???

Those are the road dividers on bannerghatta road and for the last 4 days , I have been hopping over these to drop lil D at his daycare, fully knowing that a wrong move would mean either of us falling on to traffic.

This is close to IBC knowledge Park building which is VERY VERY busy through out the day.There is a Sagar hospital too near by. There is IBM, Airtel close by and this road also leads you to Dairy Circle and to Koramangala. So you can imagine how busy this road is in the mornings and evenings

What I ask is why can’t this road have a overhead walk path for commuters?like the one we have near Bishop cotton boys?

At any time in the day, Accenture building has atleast 20-30 people stopping the on going traffic to cross the road.

Are the authorities listening?? Oh wait !!! let them finish watching videos on their cell phones.