How safe is our country for women??

1)We take the evening office cab. Last evening, I see a guy very curiously peeping onto our cab.Ask me why?? Because my fellow colleague(female) was sleeping unaware that someone was watching her non-stop at the traffic signal.

2)My friend took a midnight volvo bus from BLR to chennai,gets a seat next to an elderly man.They chit chat briefly(1st mistake). She dozes off to sleep( 2nd mistake)!! When she wakes up , that elderly person comments that she might have an extra marital affair simply because her body structure says so !! Whaaaaaaaat The hell was that Mister???? what was he observing whole night?

Yes her fault again no?? how can someone be brave enough to take a midnight volvo .and that too a seat next to a guy. and then also strike a conversation with him. She must be definitely bold.So let me try my tricks on her . Probably that’s what the bas**rd thought !

3) I have had various unpleasant incidents travelling to and fro from Hyd to BLR a few years so much so that me and my husband decided if I had to travel alone, I will book 2 seats on the volvo. Buy both the seats so no one can sit next to you on midnight buses.

When I told this to the APSRTC counter,he was nice enough to give me 1+half ticket once.So there were occasions when I paid 550+550 Rs to ensure peace of mind !

4)I take the evening volvo at Marathahalli.I take a aisle seat.A guy who is standing on the pretext to balance himself , puts his hand at my seat handle.And I realize he is doing more than hold the handle. Why ??? Why I ask?? Can’t he hold the over head handle than slip his hands on to my hips???

5)Very many years back, I take a bus from Rajaji ngr to office in Malleswaram . The next thing I realize is that a girl creates a lot of noise and continued to slap a guy repeatedly .She continues to say” Ghar pe maa behan nahi hai”???? . I can relate to that anger.

Guess what the other passengers said “Sakku Bidi ma” (Enough!leave the guy !!)They couldn’t bare to see the guy beaten up by a girl

Women raped in moving cars in the capital city, rape victims being ridiculed by police and the C.M ( all for vote banks , ensuring they stay in power!.

Are we reaching a all time low ??