Balle Balle Indian American Jee…

********TO BE READ IN LIGHT VEIN.******************

So you must have noticed it. Where else jee ! On facebook of course

There is this entire generation that is in the mid 30’s that want to look like the Deepika’s and Katrina’s of Bollywood.Ok ! well we will say Deepika – she is the favourite of the season na – with those chiffon sarees, pallu falling off the chest,barely anything covering her modesty(watch the wedding rituals in Yeh jawaani hai deewani if you don’t agree, the pink ghagra ),  gyrating to Baalam Pichkari  and running after titlis.

Suddenly the ones marrying in their 30’s  are embracing Bollywood like never before – from  Bollywood theme weddings where the groom and the bride gyrate to some Sridevi Sexy Radha  number , sangeet which was never heard of in a Tamil Brahmin wedding, so much so folks that never had a wedding like that are asking for divorces and getting re-married to have a Bollywood style weddings.ok! ok sorry that was bad !.

Me not fakofying(lying) . this is an actual comment picked off facebook –  Im so fascinated by seeing ths album..I feel like getting married again n in Bollywood “style..”happy to see you had so much fun”

Bollywood style photo shoots,dreamy gazes, staring into nowhere, a lovelorn  look. And you guessed it right yaar. The facebook comments often refer to Swiss mountains and DDLJ and the types.

Why Why Why I cannot fathom. Is it facebook that is bringing in the change or that of gloss photography . or is it Bollywood.

Today even a Tamil Brahmin wedding with its madi and aacharams has an urban photographer that has pictures of the groom carrying the bride against an American park backdrop. or the  whole oonjal ceremony is so chic with  titles “paal vadunja mugangal”

But first tell me where does the Indian American find time from. I mean, I have a maid who does the dishes and the cleaning but still my weekends are sooo damn busy convincing my little one to draw sleeping and standing lines.

…last but not the least  , do they get those Bollywood clothes on baadege ( I mean on rent ) … I cannot fathom my Indian wallet ever buying a Bollywood style ghagra . …..

..and even if I did buy where will I wear the ghagra ?? you mean while I wait for the bus at agara ????

Looks like I am the Cinderella jee – cleaning bathrooms, doing the dishes when the maid disappears, drawing standing and sleeping lines and finishing off my son’s unfinished homework

Now going back to listening to “Paani da rang ” Boy I discovered this song and the handsome Punjabi munda some 2 years after the movie release. That’s my life ji !