The right to brood

If there is one additional advantage that men possess – I would call it the right to brood

Brood, to show deep unhappiness of thought. To ponder over issues, find solace and solutions

I have watched the husband do that in his previous job. He was handling tough people, tough bosses , tough work and what not. Every evening he would lie on the sofa, look afar , at the cieling and brood- pondering over issues.

Now as a working mom, I see how women cannot brood. On the way back from work, I try to brood. My son points to a house under construction and asks what is happening. I say they are constructing a house. He answers back asking a lame “Why”

At 3+, he is now the why why boy. He always ends up his conversation with a why. Why are we climbing stairs. Why are we entering this place. Why are they playing. Why is it not raining…Why is the doctor not there.

…as a mom, I think you cannot brood. You may face same situations at the work place as men. But you need to stay cheerful and answer questions .

So rather than find solutions to why a process is failing, why some behaves the way he does, why we fail as a team, I am seen pondering over why the sun has to hide behind a cloud or why the fox needs to eat Red Riding Hood

Is that fair at all.? The losing the right to brood and find solutions


The Abuse..

Shattered and bruised I lay

I entered this home, hoping I could have a  say

What made me think I am their first love

I often watch them cuddle, kiss and proclaim love

Long after the lights are off

I stay awake until sleep dozes me off

There are days I cry and cry

and wished I could fly and fly

There are days I protest and turn blue

She thumps me and shakes me, to drive away those blues

A older cousin did not long last

The culprit was their son, two and a half

Yes I am the laptop

And that seems to be my shaaaap !!!

Today she played his favourite ABC’s

He watched and clapped his hands in glee

Little did he realize he landed on me

Ouch it hurt, and was not sweet

The mom, screamed yelled, the crazy wife she is

Sometimes I wished I had an alternate life that is

That day is not far

When I am going to proclaim war



The ode to the laptop.

Last evening, we cuddled and kissed. He whispered “I love you amma” . In his excitement and play, my little one lands on my laptop. I shriek, shake it and thump every key possible to ensure it works fine

The poor thing, landed in our home only 6 months back and I already have broken the power adaptor. Shaken and a bit  frightened, I took it to my office wondering if it needs major repairs  . No it was back within a few hours . A earlier laptop was dunked in water and died a nasty death.

The next time the laptop gets abuse…

I think I have no new excuse…..

How do you treat your office laptop at home????