Relish Life. Savor it

Life events – of joy, of happiness, of get togethers, of good food and above all accomplishments

Accomplishments – that you manage to achieve amidst the daily rush, the achievements you manage to  gain single handedly, amongst tears and frustation

Do you get time to savor your accomplishments ?

Or does the maddening mundane rush of bugs, releases , conference calls and “Business as usual” dampen your celebratory spirit

Remember the bugs bring home the mulla , the money.

It helps you pay the insurance for the birth of the baby – if its a birth you are celebrating

The job helps you apply a bank loan – if its a home you are celebrating

So do you feel the mundane pressure of job and deliverables as a hindrance to your enjoying your life event ?

Or is it some thing that enabled your life event

If life @work is in deep shit , can you still savor your life event ? How successful you are in life depends on how successful you can detach from your thoughts ? ain’t it.

..Sometimes I ponder and cannot find an answer

I cannot waste time mulling over these thoughts.

Hence Winding up – Its business as usual. Mind it !

P.S : Added later, Happened to read this on the news. So I guess priorities go to families unanimously., Remember bugs happen every day. But we don’t make  love  babies everyday nor do we build homes every day