The right to brood

If there is one additional advantage that men possess – I would call it the right to brood

Brood, to show deep unhappiness of thought. To ponder over issues, find solace and solutions

I have watched the husband do that in his previous job. He was handling tough people, tough bosses , tough work and what not. Every evening he would lie on the sofa, look afar , at the cieling and brood- pondering over issues.

Now as a working mom, I see how women cannot brood. On the way back from work, I try to brood. My son points to a house under construction and asks what is happening. I say they are constructing a house. He answers back asking a lame “Why”

At 3+, he is now the why why boy. He always ends up his conversation with a why. Why are we climbing stairs. Why are we entering this place. Why are they playing. Why is it not raining…Why is the doctor not there.

…as a mom, I think you cannot brood. You may face same situations at the work place as men. But you need to stay cheerful and answer questions .

So rather than find solutions to why a process is failing, why some behaves the way he does, why we fail as a team, I am seen pondering over why the sun has to hide behind a cloud or why the fox needs to eat Red Riding Hood

Is that fair at all.? The losing the right to brood and find solutions