A famous bookstore. Crowded with kids of all ages. It’s childrens day, Stories, puppets and lots of noise

Whose listening anyway. Each kid is only looking at another that is dressed up as either spiderman or batman

The stories get over. The story teller allows kids to pet the frog puppet in her hands

A blind boy. All of 2 years. stretches his hands all over the place trying to feel the puppet, even as the others prance and try to grab the green frog

Poignant moments. Tears well up. You fight the tears and look away.

…and feel blessed for the things that we take for granted

….Love your child, irrespective of them being blind.autistic. or a slow learner

because every child is special

Happy Childrens day again !



There is so much going on in the mind of a 4 year old that sometimes it amazes me. For my son’s 4th birthday, I sent chocolates for each child in his daycare bag. It seems he proudly stated his birthday boy status (as told by the teacher in-charge).

But when we went to bed, he was grumpy about something and out came this “But amma you didn’t send cake and we didn’t cut cake in daycare !”

If he weren’t grumpy at night, I would not have known his desire to cut   a cake

What goes on in a mind is amazing . More so what goes on in a young mind.

Some spoken . Some unspoken !

!! 😉

Splash Splash…

We did a lot of eating out, my friend and me , while at worked at the old corporate.On one such occasions, after it had poured , we stepped out to a nearby eating joint at Kadabisanahalli.And if  you work around that area, you know how messy it can get when it pours, what with all that construction happening. While we carefully negotiated through the muddy water and slush , we spotted these kids having a wonderful time playing with the rain water+tyre amidst the mud and the drains…and next thing I did was pull out my mobile and click this.

If it were your kid, would you allow him to play and splash around in that water like the kids in the picture.

Wouldnt we constantly worry about the climate change, a sore throat, fever …pulling over the woolens etc….Do you think the kids in the picture would fall sick due to the water splash and cold weather ?? or do you think their bodies would adapt well due to the harsh and extreme exposures?

Do we pamper our kids , by constantly worrying about weather and exposure to elements???