As if I am taking school attendance, I tried my very best to convince people to vote, the people in my team and the ones in my office cab. Out of 11 in total in my team, I guess only 3 of us voted. We happen to be long timers in Karnataka. 2 of them are new to town. However I am appalled at the attitude of the rest, for not possessing a voter ID card.  The ugliest remark should go to that person that collects all cards – from voter id’s to Aadhar without fail but told me over lunch “It would be too hot to go out and vote”.But the same person intended to do shopping at a mall by 4 P.M.

Another said “Anyways, all politicians are the same”

Another said “But I have my card in U.P” . I ask “Seriously are you gonna travel the distance if there ever was a election in UP?

Another said the documents was handed over to “someone”. That someone lost the papers ! Too much delegation aey???

Another in my cab, beaming “Me and my husband” don’t take interest in politics.

But then can we blame such people at all . How can we get people from other states interested in local politics when all that we follow diligently is caste politics. How would a Gowda or a Lingayat talk interest some one from UP or Bihar or Rajasthan?

But I don’t see us moving away from caste politics at all

It was heartening to know one friend from Bihar caste his vote with his wife. I “liked” his  inked finger and was generous with my comment on facebook.

I am glad I voted this time with my Voter ID card and didn’t have to carry a PAN card or passport as document. My name was deleted from the list. I pursued the task of getting a voter id card very earnestly., not sitting idle after posting to the addresses mentioned in the smart vote website. I also went and handed over my documents at a local office tagging my son along on a weekend. Many things happened, the one I did online was rejected for documents missing. Meanwhile my name appeared in the list of voters. and finally the in-charge in my apartment passed me the hardcopy of the card . Now I don’t know if I got my card because “they” corrected the deleted candidates list on their own, or by virtue of me submitting docs at a local office or the one done online.

As for us, we were done with the voting by 7:20 AM. We went early , as though we were eager to caste our vote to a very favourite candidate

Me sharing Loksatta party candidates profiles on facebook actually did’nt go un-noticed.One friend told me he got reminded of me and was looking for Loksatta symbol while he stood deciding whom to vote

Another asked me if I voted for Loksatta

Looks like, every one was looking to vote for Loksatta , however sadly they didn’t have candidates for all areas in Bangalore/

So we await the results. The mood was not upbeat at all by late evening , having read the headlines at IBNLIVE.