A Refreshing break

For a long time now, I have been wanting to pen down my trip to town T, in Andhra. T is so unlike BLR and that is why I love T. T has a typical rural setting, no mad rush, no maddening traffic and pollution.A lot time in the town was spent looking around and admiring and clicking pics of an every day town life.

Stuff that clicked…

a)Town school kids perched on cycle rickshaws.Took a pic of them as they passed our galli and they were only too happy to pose.I assume school must be real fun for them!

b)Early morning walks with the baby.We greeted a few buffaloes that someone at the end of the road owned.They also had few chickens, so loved watching the buffaloes and the chickens. 

There was this lil girl who stayed in the house that had those buffaloes and one day she rushed out, greeted our boy and handed over a banana to him.So much warmth and love ! When I left T, I wondered what she would grow up to become.Would she get to study and settle down comfortanly or would she be married off young to someone in a village.Neverthless this is a pic of her that I captured.

c)Lots of free space for the boy to play.Mornings were busy, in the huge courtyard, while the elders  filled water, the boy was tooo glad messing around.From watering the Tulsi plant, to plucking flowers for the puja,or simply playing with the utensils that were laid down to dry, there was something or the other that kept him engaged.

d)Just looking out of the window, as the ice cream wala passes by sends you back in time.In the city, we stay in an apartment complex, so we really dont have a view to a road .

e)The tenants kid was a delight too.He was about 4-5 yrs old and provided company to my toddler after his school hours.Watching them run around and enjoy thoroughly was a delight

f)It was peak summer when we visited. The mango tress in full bloom were a delight to watch

g)The kiddo loved the break, he is otherwise put in a day long daycare with other kids in the city
I truly wish Indian towns retain their old world charm, so that our kids get to enjoy nature and its beauty!