The Sunset

Took the kid to a nice maintained park yesterday

It was close to sunset time and birds were flying together , back home. 

..And I instantly realized, even birds are privileged to head home by evening

Its only us – the software junta that stay put well past 7 PM, peering through P1 bugs, status calls 

… and consider ourselves lucky to see a sunset on certain days we step out of office by 6:30 PM. to see the evening sunset

As much as we love to argue on the stay at home and working mom scenario, aren’t kids of working moms severely lacking physical activities if they are holed up in day cares , well past 7 PM.

…but still we pull along, day after day, because in the current generation, every one expects you to work, you want to work, and you argue, if not this , then what  , school teacher ? admin staff somewhere, you argue about well paid insurance for aging parents .. 

… and in the bargain, forget that your kids and you , don’t get to see sunsets everyday

… gone are the days when kids played in the playground in the evenings and headed home in dirty clothes by 7 PM

Today many kids , hop on to cars by 7:30 PM from day cares

What a pity

In our quest to prove ourselves to the world, are we robbing childhood from them