Namma Metro Namma Bengaluru

Couldn’t help but get all teary eyed when I read these lines in the TOI today

Basavaraj P, a 33-year-old visually challenged man, was feeling the Metro with his hands. “Seems like it’s fully air-conditioned,” he said feeling the cold glass panel. A testing operator at a garment factory, he took a day off and travelled from Sarjapur just “to get a feel of the first ride”.

“My father and mother have built this Metro,” said Renuka aboard the train. TOI took Renuka and her friends Rubi Khalindi (8), Seema Kumari (8), Sunita N (10) and Subojith Pattanayak (7) — all children of unskilled labourers on Metro project sites — for a train ride on Thursday evening.

Renuka Khalindi, 11, chokes as she recalls how her father and mother came home every day with a sprained ankle or a bruised palm

It is people such as these that make a city happen!

Happy for Namma Metro in Namma Bengaluru. Happy chugging Metro! May all journeys be safe and enjoyable for Bangaloreans! Its a proud moment for us