There is so much going on in the mind of a 4 year old that sometimes it amazes me. For my son’s 4th birthday, I sent chocolates for each child in his daycare bag. It seems he proudly stated his birthday boy status (as told by the teacher in-charge).

But when we went to bed, he was grumpy about something and out came this “But amma you didn’t send cake and we didn’t cut cake in daycare !”

If he weren’t grumpy at night, I would not have known his desire to cut ¬† a cake

What goes on in a mind is amazing . More so what goes on in a young mind.

Some spoken . Some unspoken !

!! ūüėČ


Oh Boy!!!

Exactly a month to go for my son’s 4th birthday. I was getting a little too bored debugging some one else’s code and I thought I could check online for some clothes for him. I wanted something different and new. Like for his 3rd birthday -I got Tee’s from different stores – some online, some I personally picked from Shoppers stop. I enjoyed doing it . The best he still uses is a naughty little monkey T shirt I picked from SS.It has almost 9 monkeys doing various activities and still remains our favourite. Since this little one also goes to the daycare , we put our clothes to good use.May be we are plain boring and very simple, we dont have flashy party wear. So ¬†the ones we use for daycare , are used for birthdays etc and the monkey T shirt in its bright blue and 9 monkeys is the one I always pull out for special occasions as well.

So with same enthusiasm as last year. I started moving from Jabong to flipkart to babyoye .Only to be utterly disappointed

Only stripes for a 4 year old. The very second I click on 4-5 year old , they load boring plains and checks.

C’mon stripes and checks – he is gonna wear it all his life

…So hold on guys, He is only 4. Show me color.Show me something playful.

..and it also makes me sad. Is my little one so big already.

Why do boys clothing get boring by the 4th year itself. not fair right ?? I mean at 36 , I can still pick interesting skirts and kurtis Рall floral and  nice as a woman . So why should a 4 year old dress like he is 36 ???


Amma made our birthdays special. Well they were special anyways because having twins is rare. It wasn’t one person¬†celebrating¬†it was 2, Also the school¬†didn’t¬†have twins so they were always intrigued with 2 kids celebrating their birthdays on the same day.

Amma stitched our birthday frocks. She had an old sewing machine.I remember she fetching matching buttons, contrasting cloth pieces, coming up with her own designs. I remember to this day, she sitting up late to finish a frock for the next day’s birthday.

When we were no longer small girls, we protested and asked for frocks from the local shops. But it is now I value the time amma put into making each of those frocks.

She also baked cakes- I guess once we had double decker cakes. She conjured up elaborate meals Рcurd rice with apples and pomegranates on top and bisibele bath for lunch  !

There were school friends that gave us everything from flowers from their garden to fruits on our birthday. Like S, her mom maintained a lovely rose garden, an envy for many of us. Her mom sent a small bunch of roses from their garden to decorate our plaits on our birthdays.And remember she sent not for one, but 2 girls

and then there was another S. In Neyveli we had huge gardens. So while we were in the  3rd, this girl got us gooseberries from her garden for our birthdays. As kids, we loved eating gooseberries , the uncooked ones. They were so common in T.Nadu,  we made varieties of pickles using them .

When we were in the 6th grade or so, we stopped dressing in “color dress” ¬†to school on birthdays.

 I cannot remember how my older siblings celebrated because once the twins arrived, I guess me and my twin sis stole the show.

…Tomorrow my facebook timeline would be filled with birthday messages..However the ones celebrated in school will remain special always

so lurkers, be nice and wish me tomorrow, will ya ???