Bannerghatta National Park – Bengaluru

Took my toddler to Bannerghatta National Park this sunday. We reached there only by 11 A.M. We saw bears,deers,lions, tigers in the safari trip. This time around we saw a lot lesser than what we saw last year. Last year we had tigers and bears walk right up to our enclosed van.. it was indeed a site to see !

I guess the best time to catch the safari bus is by 10A.M, its less crowded  and you get to see lot more animals in the safari .

We also enjoyed the hippos,monkeys and emphants!!! in the zoo.We fed the emphants some oranges too and some corn

…. a visit to a zoo is when you admire God’s creativity in making each one of us so different from the other. Like the crocodiles that we saw…. such intricate detailing on its body (scales) as if some carpenter did the carvings with utmost care !!

The laziest ones must be the hippos,with its huge body forver lying in the water.

..The safari costs 160/- per adult. The same ticket can be used for visiting the zoo.Children less than 5 years get to prance freely with the monkeys !

..and while in the safari bus, I couldn’t help but feel for a severe autistic blind boy in the bus. While all of us ooed and awwed at the animals(lions, tigers) etc …he couldn’t comprehend much of what was happening around him. He was definitely excited with all the noise and kept grunting loudly, only to be hushed by his care taker.Oh god !! If you did have to bring a baby into this world, why make it suffer like this …. Wish we had answers to such questions. Its unfair surely !!