For many days I wondered what I would name my blog.

I thought I should name it chudail because the husband calls me that sometimes when I am at my bitchy best ! ” huh started your chudail bandi ” he would say ! when I am hopping mad like a Badrakaali !!

But then I am so contradictory in my thought process ,  if you ask me to make a choice , I would take the middle path

So I thought the name Vethal is apt, a being neither on earth , nor  on air !

And then on many occasions, these days, I have my lil Vethal all of 2 years perched on to me precariously as I go about my daily routine

So here I am the Vethal, the vampire. There are many fire and freeze moments in my life.There are moments when I am completely angelic, there are others where I spew venom.

This blog space is to unleash the very whimsical me  ! If I were to describe myself it would be : Whimsical, Confused,Compassionate , Sympathetic ,Agitated,  Honest , Sensitive and yet  Organised,Calm, Focussed and Disciplined. Now doesn’t it seem like a split personality 🙂 I guess so !

I hope you enjoy my posts.Please feel free to leave your comments.Happy Reading!!


7 thoughts on “About

  1. A very very interesting ‘About Me’ 🙂

    Vethal sounds much more sophisticated than Chudail 😆

    But dunno why 🙄

    May I bug this Vethal for stories when I am bored??

  2. Hi, I liked reading your blog. I am a working mother of a 3 year old. So i could relate many of the mommyhood topics that you have written. Do keep writing 🙂

  3. Hey I have been reading ur blog for a while. Can u send me the password for ur unholy incident post. I can’t find ur e mail I’d here.

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