A piece of you ..

As every busy day passes by, I realize how everybody needs a piece of you

.. The husband wants to book a vacation and needs one week from you

… The boss needs you to pull of a major release

.. A sick child – situation demands you stay at home and prepare kanji for him

— Colleagues demand your presence for a treat, get your sick child along they say. I wonder how. with a sick child

— Your family needs you to wish them on weddings, birthdays (even as an impending release stares at your face and delaying a product release would mean a mega dollar loss for your company).

.. Your family wants you to be better at numbers – 20th wedding anniversary, 15 birthday etc etc … Boy ! wish math was easier.

..the extended family needs you for funerals

.. People on social media want you to promote their products

.. Juniors in team need you at the same time, to solve 2 different issues.

…A fellow mom suddenly needs you and all your kiddie books, remember I never existed before ! . A friend in need a friend indeed !

.. You are needed to like every post and comment on some friends list. Remember ! on social media its all about – I scratch your back, you scratch mine !

And when you turn 60 or 70, suddenly not many need you

… Your boss may have forgotten you . There is a small chance you may meet on a social networking site if it exists still

… Your daughter-in-law may not need you . VERY LIKELY !

— Your son may need his kids, his job and his wife more than you

— Your spouse may need be the only person that needs you to fetch tablets  and for companionship!

… Your kids may need you , to share their worries and accomplishments, if you cared enough to spend time  with them NOW

….Have you ever wondered who needs you ?? A piece of you ? every moment ? every day


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