Keep the crap away

Thank god, schools today have redefined how they look at education and kids

As a kid, I watched it  in close quarters how your mom laughing , smiling and sending a rose to the class teacher can mean , you being made the class leader or getting the first rank. So in this small town that we got raised, most moms did not work. So that meant standing at the school gate and indulging in politics, from meeting teachers privately or simply  gossiping about other moms and kids

And this went on and on, over years. It broke our hearts.

Though I must admit I have a fair share of pleasant memories of stage performances that bring back warm memories. But what about the other 40 odd kids ( a class had 60 kids  in average) that did not go on to stage and didn’t get to perform ? Somewhere, someday, some little heart was broken because the same set of kids were performing year after year . Nothing got spoken because there was always a fear to talk back against a class teacher

I guess the ones that never got the 1st rank,never went on stage,  No body ever helped them write essays. The ones that got the 1st rank represented the school. 

In a way, it meant, the ones that stood 1st or 2nd had talent – everybody else stood no chance

The ones like me that mugged up and vomited on paper , got ranks, and got selected.

The rest bitched about the rank holders , a clear divide was formed.  I went on to mark some of my own as bullies.

I add them on to facebook , still remembering them as bullies from childhood

What made them bullies? Was there a deep resentment among st a few ? Was it their way of attention seeking. Sadly no one knew these words. Its only now, we know the many reasons why a child may turn a bully

The son pulled off a show yesterday and with great admiration for schools and teachers, I can say every child in K.G participated, either in a group dance or something similar. But mind you ! every child . Irrespective of whether they color, or write a capital “A” or Z perfectly!

And its a very doable thing – if only we segregated annual days as KG annual days, primary annual days and such. Unfortunately, in my days , we only had one annual day where every one from 6th to 12th pulled off a show on the same stage , the same day , giving very little chance to every student.

And  I neither have the time nor the will to stand at a school gate doing “muska”/buttering to a class teacher. Every school has a security at the gate. Unless I have a appointment or a family emergency I cannot go beyond a point .

The son goes in his school bus. He will learn to battle politics , fights, kattis and friendships, on his own. Very important life skills  – I will say

After all it gets murky when adults join in child politics

And as for the PTM’s , we meet the teacher , talk exactly to the point and are back at office desks – to pull off a corporate battle

..Thank god to our busy lives. In many ways we keep the crap away

Am I talking too soon? I only hope it remains the way it is.


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