Daddy Dating …

Daddy X had an adoptive daughter. I had a son all of 2.5 years. Oh what fun we had.

the little boy  and the little girl

For once, here was someone that was not judging me

…because I sent the son all day to the daycare ,

… here was someone not bothered that the son ate all day at the daycare

… here was a daddy that didn’t get jealous because I pulled off as a software junkie.

…. not jealous because I set fancy Facebook status…

… and finally not judging me because I choose MTR sambar powder than something else

…and what a blast we had. Every evening, the girl came running, so did  my 2.5 year old boy.

… we played videos, we played, they shared food, they fought, I played referee,  ate pooris of the same plate.

…Daddy X dropped her at my place and fetched her an hour later

… Every evening, the girl cried when he came to fetch her.

…Daddy X and mommy me, with the 2 kiddos packed ourselves one August evening, in his small Reva , the kids giggling and creating a ruckus on the back seat and off we went behind the apartment complex to watch a Ganesh pandal

It was a tad bit embarassing – 2 adults, 2 kids – what if people mistook us to be one family

But the thoughts were drowned by the giggles and toddler banter of the little boy and the little girl who were now wearing mismatched shoes – he wearing hers, and she wearing his !

Daddy X and me revelled in the camaderie the kids shared – two little toddlers, two little bums prostrating before a Ganesha ,  much to the amusement of the colony

All that mattered was the kids found a friend in each other.

… and we changed our home.

Daddy X and his adoptive daughter lay hidden in our memories


Today we bumped into Daddy X and daughter X at a birthday party

It didn’t take very long for not-so-little-boy and I-have-grown-taller girl to relive their friendship

… They ran chasing each other

…. and I was delighted to meet this daddy .

…and Daddy X did not disappoint – he pulled out his cell , noted down my number earnestly and scribbled our home address.

…and promised to visit with his daughter .

no fake smiles, no hidden jealously

.. The reason was simple – to get kids to play and entertain themselves

…. So we await Daddy X and daughter.

…Now ain’t dating daddies the easiest .

Now if only mommy dating was this easy !


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