Red Rouge and lipstick

The son pulled off his first performance in school – with red rouge and lipstick on his face 🙂

He stood erect and silent for the national anthem

He says it was taught in daycare. “You should stay calm and silent for national anthem” ..his words

Reminds me of the many stage performances we did in Neyveli. Ours being a Thermal power corporation , there was always a PM or the president visiting, inaugurating something and schools always put up a show

Reminded of dance practice in stadiums, drills, classes bunked for practise, the biscuits distributed, the color dress specially designed and stitched

It felt today I was reliving all those memories – what with the son getting his special dress from school the other day in his bag , he munching the cake and tetra pack juice provided by school – leaving him with very many memories for the days to come

..and I must admire and take pride. that he got everything home the other day , after a day spent in school bus (high chances of losing stuff), daycare – not a piece missing from the special costume rushes past. And we live our memories through our kids

Here’s wishing him many pleasant memories of rehearsals and performances in the years to come

Here I was worrying if we will even catch the school bus. and the year is drawing to a close in 3 months .


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