Met A.K , my roommate after a gap of 1.5 years

Felt happy she always ensures she visits me before she leaves for US

And this time we spoke a lot , from the heart, about jobs, stress, work loads, kids, families, parents , pets (yeah she has one), lack of babies, current generation….

Lot more emotional than our previous meeting

…and of course how can we miss. professional competition and how it can kill us from within

Thankfully I have a son to unwind to. which she lacks

Kids can be a blessing. I can tell you how!

I get back home everyday, convincing myself that if I didn’t have the job, I could spend all day raising a kid in the most fruitful way I can ever dream of

..and how conversations of a mom can always steer towards quitting job , an additional child while that of someone that doesn’t have a baby stays on women and their independence and their calling 😉

amusing …

She will visit a year later . How would our lives have changed ?


One thought on “Friend

  1. It is tough being a parent. All the issues of not having enough time to spend with the kid. Like you pointed out, there are other complications if one does not have kids.

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