2013 A review


kuch khoyaa.

kuch paaya ,

kuch rulaaya.

kuch hasaaya.

kabhi FB mein bane extrovert. real life mein rahein introvert ….

 jab bhi batch file programming ko dating kiya, windows se hating kiya  .

bache ke chehre mein zindagi paayi. tho ICU ke baahar mouth dekhi …….

story telling mein kushi paayi, “amazing ” story teller ka naam paaya 

kuch aisi kati 2013. kabhi easy kabhi dizzy


The Pensive – A Blog review

This X-mas, the Indiblogeshwari’s group on facebook decided to play secret santas by reviewing blogs of fellow Indi bloggers

I was given The Pensive, a personal space of Afshan to review

Afshan has a beautiful blog out there that goes by the name http://afshan-shaik.blogspot.in/

Afshan dabbles in poetry and does everything from movie reviews to ranting about price
rises and every day situations and this is what provides variety for the reader , though I
must say she has a penchant for poetry

I was floored by her poems. sample some of the lines :
It is tough to blend with every one and wear a smile.
It is tough to meticulously plan a counter attack or a wile!
or the lines

Remember the diary in which you preserved the petals even if they were wrying?
Remember how the petal held your name in capitals in your neat hand writing?
Another poem which I loved reading is : “Opposites attract and act together”- A poem 🙂

Her blog is neatly sectioned into photo space and I was particularly intrigued to know what she wrote for each alphabet in the A-z challenge

I personally love to travel and loved going through her travel logs

I also see a lot of books being reviewed. Though I am not a avid book reader , I am surely
gonna pass on the list to my friends at work that go about asking for good books to be

Her blog that goes by the name The Pensive is also on facebook and you may want to follow her on https://www.facebook.com/AfshanWrites
Afshan, you may want to change the dark blue background which makes it little tiring to search for the tags , else the blog is sectioned very nicely

Also the badges of Honour section does not take me to your blog posts but to the jabong or indiblogger site where I may have to search a lot for your winning post.

Happy Blogging !