The wife, the Nurse

It has been a very tiring and fruitful day what with us finishing our yearly health check up . While my reports have been a 200/200, my husbands’ has raised alarm bells what with his cholesterol reaching concerning levels

So I was seen transforming into a caring wife, caring nurse et all, what with monitoring with the food being cooked, to quickly browsing the net for recipes, fetching his medicines , bringing homes lots of fruits, cutting and placing it with a fork in his hand while he laid legs stretched watching an English movie with the son

And even as I walking back home , I was wondering if I should wake up by 5:30 AM instead of 6 AM so that I can cater not only to my sons school formalities, but also keep a healthy breakfast plus fruits ready for the husband. Often the husband is seen in a rush just as I walk back after dropping the son to his school bus

… Call my brain a typical Jekyll and Hyde brain. Even as I was walking back, the feminist me took over and mused why a 37 year old man is incapable of cutting fruits and eating on his own . Even in the bus stop I have seen a fellow house wife grapple with a husband rushing off to work even as she is still waiting to drop her daughter at the bus stop. I even asked her once why the husband cannot drop if she has breakfast to be done for him . After all she wakes up at 4 AM , what with a son that goes to tuition s at 5:30AM for his ICSE 10th std exams

What makes women voluntarily take roles of nurses and care takers ? even as our Indian men get to enjoy star status, I dont disagree that men share a HUGEEE responsibility what with fetching plumbers, taking care of loans and investments which women  try to avoid.

Even as I was browsing for recipes based on cholesterol, I saw pages begin stating ” So , as a wife you are concerned with your husbands cholesterol. Advertisements too have the husband taking ill and the wife playing the role of a nurse

Would we see a change where the wife is shown as the patient and every one from the husband to the in-laws fetching fruits, de-seeding them and placing it in front of her with a fork as she sits legs stretched in front of the TV


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