Chor baage Chor baage Chore….

It was Diwali and Dussehra fest at my son’s daycare today.Today was supposedly a very busy day because the architect wanted to come over and click pics. However since my son loves his daycare, I didn’t want to disappoint him and so we travelled from one end of South BLR to Bannerghatta (to his daycare headquarters)

And what a fab mom he has got. Amidst the thoughts of cleaning the home for the architect, I remebered to buy half a dozen roses, to be given to all his daycare teachers ,the present ones and the ones in the previous years.

So that was the highlight of the day. I am and will always be grateful to his daycare teachers for being so caring and wonderful

And as I hoped, his daycare nurse from infancy was only too happy to see him. She held him as a 4 month old and today she lifted a 4 year old .. of course the son does not know her. She will remain cherished all my life. This malayalee chechi – who was even ready to feed milk using a spoon to a baby that hated the bottle.

There was dandiya in the sweltering noon heat and dhol .

As always I feel sorry for the staff for whom attendance is mandatory on saturdays for such events. Most parents dont turn up on saturdays. Its only the staff that puts in a LOT of efforts.  I always believe teachers are the most hard working and worst paid. So they should be allowed to spend time with their families.

hmm as for the title. the son transformed the Dhol baaje , Dhol Baaje song to Chor baage Chor baage .. aaha makes perfect sense 😉


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