DSC_0804This place refuses to leave my mind. This noon, I went all the way to Banashankari to view the dolls displayed at Dhaatu and my ! what a collection. A few thousand colorful dolls on display from miniature ones to life size ones.

This was no ordinary golu or bomma habba where you stack row after row of dolls. They have a entire house dedicated to dolls. There are dolls depicting everything from a flag hoisting ceremony to Mysore Dusshera procession.

The ones that will catch your eye are the ones depicting a few hundred scenes from the Ramayana and Mahabharata , the Abhimanyu chakravuh included.

There are also story telling and puppetry for kids

As always I ponder over

whether they put the dolls away at all

How do they dust them

Where do they store them?

As kids, I still remember how as a family we would carefully dismantle the dolls and wrap them up in newspapers. We had huge golu pottis (boxes) that were then left for year in the paran.And amma often worried about rats getting into the boxes. Setting up a golu and dismantling the dolls is a mammoth task, breaking a doll or two is considered inauspicious.

With all that in mind today I was wondering how these people manage to set up not 10 but 1000 dolls ! And in Bangalore, I often detest the dust that gathers all over the show pieces so much so I vowed never to have a show piece in the living room. So how do these folks manage to dust the dolls ?

There were kids at the entrance, I assume volunteers. There are even puppetry and story telling happening during Dusshera

I listened to the story of Valmiki very keenly. I did know the bandit connection but listening how he began to write the Ramayana was interesting

All these years I stayed a stone’s throw from this place in South Bangalore and never knew about this one. And today it took me a hour and half one way to reach the place. However the directions mentioned on the website is perfect and would not miss guide any one

Imagine the dedication and passion of the entire family to set up such a mega project

Simply marvellous .


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