Kehte hai agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho toh poori kaynath tumhein usse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai…

In short , if u have a really strong desire to achieve something, then the universe helps u in obtaining that desire

This is what transpired at the bakery :

Bhaiya : eggless cake will be hard no ?

No madam, brings out a small piece and asks me to try

But bhaiya is mein taste hi nahi hain ( brother, this doesnt taste sweet)

I need it for kids. I want it nice and sweet

I want like this. like this. Pointing at a delectable piece , dark brown in color and also looking nice

Somewhere ingrained in my brain was that plain cakes are boring. 

..many things , one leading to the other. Finally I arrive on friday , a hot afternoon, wondering if the cake is ready

I always mistrust, I believe people will forget orders . The cake indeed is ready.

And at the daycare, as we open it , I ask the lady . This is it no? taken a final confirmation and hoping a Yes for a reply

…and and this girl  , in a cool tone. We don’t mind even creme cakes also madam

Hello ! If not 7 rounds of the universe, I did atleast 3 rounds of the bakery to get the perfect cake.

I wish teachers in daycare are more consistent in what they speak grr

….anyways . at the daycare, boy was proud that momma arrived with cake.

I choked with motherly sentiments  – a la Bollywood heroine. what with tears lying up my eyes.

Boy cuts it with much pride! the kids ate, He ate, I ate,he distributed gifts and we wrapped up our 4th

All his friends are in the daycare. It was important to get it right and I did it ! finally !

So we got it right at 4th attempt

No wonder some friends of mine have 3 and more babies. May be they just better with each attempt 😉


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