Kehte hai agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho toh poori kaynath tumhein usse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai…

In short , if u have a really strong desire to achieve something, then the universe helps u in obtaining that desire

This is what transpired at the bakery :

Bhaiya : eggless cake will be hard no ?

No madam, brings out a small piece and asks me to try

But bhaiya is mein taste hi nahi hain ( brother, this doesnt taste sweet)

I need it for kids. I want it nice and sweet

I want like this. like this. Pointing at a delectable piece , dark brown in color and also looking nice

Somewhere ingrained in my brain was that plain cakes are boring. 

..many things , one leading to the other. Finally I arrive on friday , a hot afternoon, wondering if the cake is ready

I always mistrust, I believe people will forget orders . The cake indeed is ready.

And at the daycare, as we open it , I ask the lady . This is it no? taken a final confirmation and hoping a Yes for a reply

…and and this girl  , in a cool tone. We don’t mind even creme cakes also madam

Hello ! If not 7 rounds of the universe, I did atleast 3 rounds of the bakery to get the perfect cake.

I wish teachers in daycare are more consistent in what they speak grr

….anyways . at the daycare, boy was proud that momma arrived with cake.

I choked with motherly sentiments  – a la Bollywood heroine. what with tears lying up my eyes.

Boy cuts it with much pride! the kids ate, He ate, I ate,he distributed gifts and we wrapped up our 4th

All his friends are in the daycare. It was important to get it right and I did it ! finally !

So we got it right at 4th attempt

No wonder some friends of mine have 3 and more babies. May be they just better with each attempt 😉


The baby business

*** This post was conceived in Sep 2012. Its amazing I finally got to write this a year later. Does the baby business keep me so busy? ****

aah if you thought the baby labor business is the most horrifying , what with blood streaming down your thighs , you wincing in labor pain and the midwife asking you to take a good ten steps to the wash room ( yea those 10 can seem like a 1000), wait .wait until you meet the birthday party business. More so the return gift business

and then the cake business. How can I forget that. Daycares in India can bring in their own fancy theories – no cream cake , only sponge cake.

Year 1, in wanting to make it eatable by all, we apply the eggless funda to get something as hard as a rock. The poor one year olds could barely bite into it. Embarrassing to say the least

Year 2 , at a different daycare, I proudly flaunt a guitar cake what with white creme and all, only to be turned away. No creme cake for 2 year olds also ma’am. Apparently the father figure( who always worried about his parking the car on the roadside in a busy Bannerghatta road) forgot to ask what cake they accept. Poor me, ran to the nearest mall and got 30 odd muffins so as to not disappoint the kids.

Year 3 : Once Twice bitten , twice shy. I ditch the cake ordering business. Walk into the same mall . Buy smaller square shaped sponge cakes. Place them one next to another. I watch the daycare teacher with a corner of my eye, with a  “Now are you accepting this or not kind of look” . The boy does a symbolic cake cutting.

The saving grace ( as if I hit gold ) is that the 3 year olds love it asking for  a second helping.

..and there is this another thought that kills me each time I take a cake to school- what if kids fell sick eating it. I never NEVER hold bakeries and eat outs in high esteem in India .

What can be more stupid than arriving at a cake shop and asking “This is fresh piece only no”. waah as if I expect him to accept the truth and say ” No one week old. sure enough to get you sick ”

… and if the gore isn’t over yet. there is the whole return gift business.

Year 1, we were enthusiastic to have accomplished year 1 of the gore baby raising business, we roamed the streets of a busy Majestic area and came back with the best-est looking return gifts. Not to forget the one way roads and busy business area of BLR

I think year 2 was a passe. Just like the baby weaning off its mom, my whole enthusiasm about birthdays and more so of return gifts was slowly weaning off too.

Often the boy got back home paints and color pencils. Color pencils say a lot about the parental mentality . It only means ” I care a damn about the return gift. I ain’t spending more either. No I don’t want to be innovative, I am tired. I am doing it because I am forced to do it”. lol . Been there, done that.

I think for year 3, my patience with cakes and  the gifts had hit rock bottom

Year 4 : I get a creme cake on his birthday for the celebration at home. Boy hogs. Vomits and falls sick.

Saving me from ordering any more cakes and return gifts


There is so much going on in the mind of a 4 year old that sometimes it amazes me. For my son’s 4th birthday, I sent chocolates for each child in his daycare bag. It seems he proudly stated his birthday boy status (as told by the teacher in-charge).

But when we went to bed, he was grumpy about something and out came this “But amma you didn’t send cake and we didn’t cut cake in daycare !”

If he weren’t grumpy at night, I would not have known his desire to cut   a cake

What goes on in a mind is amazing . More so what goes on in a young mind.

Some spoken . Some unspoken !

!! 😉

The Ganeshas

There is this area in Bangalore, I have often passed by which stocks Ganesha’s . The real giant like ones. The ones that don’t get picked are losely wrapped with plastic sheets , with the plastic sheets blowing in the wind. I often imagine these Ganeshas as being left in the Bangalore chill as if  no one cared.

…and I wondered, if those Ganeshas felt bad- for not being picked, for not being worshipped.

What makes people pick one Ganesha over another? Do you even do that

Having written this post, henceforth would I pick the first Ganesha I set my eyes on.Would I feel guilty if I picked one over another