Done it !

If you lived in a small town in Tamil Nadu like I did, then you can to relate what I say. Tamil Nadu boasts of lots of temples and lots of temple festivals. Often people from many villages flocked to these temples in towns. And even as the main proceedings go on , some women would get possessed. They say possessed by God(with due respect).Their bodies would shake like crazy for a good few minutes and then they would turn normal on their own. I guess nobody ever dwells into the science of all that

Why do I write all this. The asli point is that we took part in a talent show at work and performed the iconic Lungi dance – doning lungis and what not

Considering that we decided and registered our names very late, we only had 4-5 hours to practise.And at the end of it all, I felt no different than someone possessed !

Now my name will also go down as the most Tapori woman in office. Not many dare !

So while the rest of the world churned some butter for Krishna, we churned some lassi over coconut ” Coconut mein lassi milaake”. Yaa like that !!!! 🙂


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