Kalyanam Panni Paar , Veedu katti Paar

A popular saying in Tamil goes “Get a daughter married, or build a home and then talk about problems”. Roughly to suggest getting a daughter married and building a home can be the most toughest task a man can endure in his lifetime

With changing times, I do not know if getting a daughter married remains the toughest task. However what I can tell for certain is building a home and  setting it up is one of the toughest task one can endure in a life time .

More so in a family that can only take time out during the weekends.And what with even vadais and idlis bills being carefully stored for almost 6-7 years . Read the above line all over all. Yes true. Its amazing what our spouses can store in their cupboards . Along with ATM bills, I pulled out bills of beer that was consumed in 2008, our honeymoon bills that is 10 years old,our wedding invitation cards (both in English and the ones done  by his family in Telugu). Fretting and fuming, I managed to segregate some amount of the trash and rest has been neatly put back in the new cupboards of our home. Me thinks some idli vada and beer bills  consumed in the last decade have managed to escape my hands. so will rest in peace for the next decade or so.

Soon we complete 3 months in the new area in Bangalore.Our home  continues to see a steady flow of plumbers, electricians, carpenters , all with their drilling machines over the weekend, making holes all over the home driving me mad and cranky over the weekends. I mean how much saw dust can you wipe, how much drilling can your ears sustain..

“Baby Baby what do you see

I see saw dust

that makes me want to flee

All the saw dust and steady inflow of worker staff made me flee – and flee I did, to a newly opened Tamil Brahmin restaurant in our area. I went there alone , wanted to be alone and relished a plantain leaf meal all by  myself. Idli vadai bills of the past decade be damned

If a home overflowing with carpenters and plumbers and vadai bills wasn’t  enough, we saw unwelcome guests in form of a HUUUUUUUUUUGE rat . Even as we still grappling with what do we place where, this rat  managed to set up his home and also produce babies.  Catch me if you can seems to be his/her favorite game. So the weekends are spent cleaning up rat droppings and wondering where the foul smell is coming from.

We have been trying to desperately  plug every entry point in the home. I got back from work one day to throw away a live pinkish new born mouse from the top floor. And today the husband finally managed to throw away its dead mother …. I just got back home with a huge dettol bottle to get rid of the foul smell.

what? did I hear you say pick up mickey mouse boys clothing for the 4th birthday. No thanks. Neither me nor my 4 year old is any longer enthused with M.Mouse. So much so I think the M.mouse clothes we have already should be auctioned on e-bay.

And if rats weren’t enough, this home with its double height ceiling  is seeing a steady inflow of mosquitoes too.  Have you seen Eega, the story of a fly that makes life miserable for Sudeep in the movie. He spends a miserable night in the company of a fly that simply wouldn’t allow him to sleep. So in the dead of the night, I  walk along like a zombie with  that 120 Rs waala bat trying to trap mosquitoes.

..and then there is this story book I picked recently. A lazy buffalo wouldn’t wake up early . He asks help from a crow, a dog and even a rooster. None of the animals with their ka ka , bow bow or cocka-doodle-doo can wake up the lazy buffalo in the morning.  In steps a fly and he does the trick. With his constant buzzing, he managed to wake up the buffalo

So every night I think about the night scene from Eega and this story I picked for my son

I think its time we re-defined the proverb . Kalyaanam Panni Paar.Veedu set paani Paar!!!

Because I think veedu set panni paar is tougher than veedu katti paar.

And if you managed to arrive at this line, jaate jaate please suggest me what should I do with the T-series cassettes – cinema music cassettes ranging from Aashiqui and dil – stuff we managed to tag along for the last 20 years.

Should I set up a museum???

Now ready steady poooo. find the vada bills from this mess.



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