Last couple of days have been crazy. My father suffered a fatal fall in the bathroom. At 76, he broke his hip and needed 2 surgeries. As I type this, he is in ICU , getting monitored for post surgery complications

I sat with my sis at the doctors lounge before they commenced the surgery. They briefed about age related risks. We were prepared for the worse

My immediate concern is the post surgical care. He needs to be taken care for the next few months. With amma @ 68, and already treating and helping him as a kid, I wonder how much a 68 year old senior citizen can carry on on her own

How different am I from an Indian settled in US? I travelled cross city for few days after packing off my son to school+daycare and stayed with my mom and sis. I am back at work already. My sis is employed too.Soon she will leave for work.

We are staring at hiring medical help in the form of a male nurse

It makes me ponder about married girls- that have their own families, kids and jobs

Today my job helped flash the insurance card.

Would I have helped better if I were a stay at home wife. I could have traveled every day for the next few months and helped them to my hearts content. At least I think so. I might not have had a insurance card and help financially.

It makes me now understand the role of boys. Boys that come back from the US or UK and make India their home and take care of their parents. And above all daughters-in-law that treat their in laws as their own.

…and parents that are not stubborn and can break silly Indian rules and not mind moving in with daughters. And in return magnanimous boy’s side that accepts this whole hardheartedly.

A cloud of thoughts and no clear solution !