Its Magic. Its magic

It is  a Monday morning

I summon my son for a bath

He asks back : But where are we going”

My heart skips a beat, and I nonchalantly tell : Its Monday, we all go to school and office !! ( half dreading the Nooooooooooo’s and tantrums )

We reach the bathroom., He refuses a bath. Keeps saying no to school.
I remain calm. Atleast I try to.

I talk of germs on the body etc etc, fully knowing I am fighting a losing battle

But I did brush teeth he says. So no germs ..see !!! he says

…But somehow along the way the tantrums disappear. He has a bath. Is cheerful as I dress him up

On most occasions, I don’t know whom to thank to.

I don’t want to do a “I did this ” I made it happen jig.

It works today, It may not work tomorrow.

..But along the way I have mickeys and spidermans and chota bheems and goofeys that appear on school bags, on tooth pastes and even on under garments to thank for , for making Mondays less maddening

Yes I will call it magic when a child can turn from no-school-today to – see-daddy-I-had-bath-I am-ready mood.

..and I only pray that the same magic remains for formal school – to boring school uniforms  , to school buses and to new teachers

I only hope !!

.. and I seriously cannot thank enough all those cartoon characters that appear in tooth pastes, under garments  and T shirts. THANK YOU !!! .

Now can some one answer why a 3 year old needs to dress up in school uniforms for school????





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