Back then, we didn’t even know how we spelt it. I thought it was Aashik-Q ( ending with a Q) !

..and we hated the lanky hero and his friend. Week after week they made their appearance on Wednesday through Chitrahaar.

..and then I don’t know when and how we started loving the songs.We even had a cassette at home with the iconic cover – see here

And amma was such a strict disciplinarian that when I hummed Hoton ki Zaroorat hain  at home, she didn’t quite like the lines !

Thanks to Aaashiqui 2, I have been playing Aashiqui 1 non stop all day.

The 90’s are unforgettable – thank you Anuradha Paudwal, Gulshan Kumar, Kumar Sanu. You leave me with pleasant memories of school , and of Neyveli and buying those cassettes from Gandhi Bazaar in Basavanagudi

..and Rahul Roy is handsome and not all that lanky and all ! Yes he is handsome ! especially in the songs from Phir Teri Kahaani Yaad aayee

..and it is indeed surprising, that we not only mastered Hindi in a small town such as Neyveli but also got to enjoy songs such as the ones from Aashiqui .I mean, tell me how many Tamilians can even utter a sentence in Hindi !

Often , people are amazed with the Hindi I speak. They say it sounds a lot like the Hindi the North guys speak. They get all the more surprised when I say I am Tamil

…So may be I should thank Bollywood songs for my Shudh Hindi.

Presenting you this , before the son asks for Transh-formers on my laptop . grrr


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