When the civilian and authorities get together…

An email from the Ugly Indian !


Hi fellow Ugly Indian!

Hope you had a fun fix.
Lots of pictures have been uploaded through yesterday afternoon on Facebook, and the response has been fantastic. Attached are a few Before-After pictures. If you have any pictures to share with us, please send to this email address and we will post on FB.
Some points about the Fix:
1. The impact of the work has been excellent. BBMP sent 1 lorry to clear the garbage yesterday from inside the fields, and they are sending 2 more today. The Executive Engineer has promised to send an earth-mover today to clear up the place too – if you are around in the morning, drop by to see the action. The best way to get the authorities to act is to come out and work quietly.
2. There are a few homes in Kora3B who still dump their garbage here – a few volunteers are going house-to-house to make sure they stop.
3. The kids have started using the newly created space as a playground – creating daily activity is always the best way to keep a place clean..
4. That corner used to be the place where BBMP sweepers dumped garbage every morning and used it as a transit point. Not any more. The pigs and cows found no food here the past 2 days and have moved deeper into the field for their foraging.
In our experience, it will take at least 7 days of daily vigilance and poking about to make a permanent difference.
If you have the time to come by for a little time on any days this week (ideally mornings), please let us know – so you can join the Follow-Up team to ensure this spot stays fixed!

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