The Road side MBBS

I push aside a dirty nebulizer and take my seat next to another mom. She is dressed in Indian comfort clothing  – i.e  a dirty nighty with a cotton dupatta across her chest. She also has a woolen scarf that cover her head. I presume, looking at her scarf that she is a new mom, someone that had a baby in last one month or so. This is how new moms are covered from head to foot , in rural India

My son, a little shy refuses to take seat and stands  , watching a little urchin boy hold on to the dirty nebulizer.My son has never seen an object like that before.

I presume these are wives of autorickshaw drivers and construction workers that work in our area.

This is the clinic that we have been frequenting in the last one year or so and thankfully , has worked wonders. A few years back, when we had birthed our boy in a swanky hospital at Jayanagar, I smirked at this road side MBBS and doubted the degrees attached to his name. We once visited him when the boy was an infant, for a nappy rash and he gave us a very weird look when we told him the baby goes to a daycare and is dressed up in diaper all day.How could  I blame him, if all day he treats urchins that run naked on the streets

Since then we have come to trust him. We have visited him for colds, fevers, coughs, for my migraines and even for certification on school admission forms – all for a mere 70Rs !

This works best for me- I rush on barefoot, no searching for a parking lot or depending on the husband.

This is one doctor a lot of us in the apartment depend on – from the Readdy family that moved from the U.S to the TamBrahm Iyer that has a strong-American-hangover-and-dresses-to-work-in-Denim-chaddis/shorts

..and I begin to realize it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a string of phoren degrees or a twisted angrezi accent.All that matters is that the medicine works. It works magic !


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