English and Comprehension

Recently I got an opportunity to write answers for questions that was posted to me. Well this wasn’t science or geography where answers cannot be wild and imaginative but this was for a school admission form for nursery. Since this school believed it would not take interview of a 3 year old, they had a super long question paper that asked to describe my 3 year old, his achievements(!!! grrr I don’t think even at 36 I have any major achievements!!), to describe school, family/homework/play etc in one word. While I hurried during my lunch break at office to submit my form, I met another mom that was complaining to the staff that this was super long .She even had some pages empty because she didn’t fill them.The form was checked and pushed back to her. She simply had to fill every row .No excuses!

The husband and I dilly dallied if we needed to submit the form at all.We let go of day 1. I woke up at around 5:30 AM and filled the pages in a jiffy on day 2, writing what came on to my mind, and dashed off to work with glue, photos and birth certificate copies.

Questions and answers remind me of school. This episode reminded me of English class in 7th or 9th. We had an essay writing where the topic was given on the fly. If I have to remember now, I think the essay was on a dream??? or some such .

We had just watched Anjali movie then. There is  a particular song where the father reads a story book and then they break into a song- one where they visit space , and come back home !

So well !! I wrote this as my dream , where I go on my spaceship and in the end realize it was my dream. My teacher gave me a A+ grade for this. When my twin and another friend read my essay, they were amazed how I came up with something so different

Then there was another incident where three of us were chosen and asked to read out a chapter. I think the first 2 read as usual , nothing special. The class was silent.When my turn came : I made it dramatic. I think the character name was Harry . I shouted Harry!!! much to the bewilderment of the other 2 standing and narrating(one was my twin sis)

…I wrote to Childrens magazines – Target and children’s world that amma subscribed through post,.Sitting in a small town in T.N, we got to read kid stories from Delhi and some such big towns.

And for the annual exams, especially 10th class C.B.S.E, we had NCERT guides. So sample essays were given at the end. I filled pages during the exams . We aced the past tense, future tense, and what not, thanks to Wren and Martin. While most kids struggled with sentences, we knew how it had to begin and end. So much so , English exams seemed like a break between the Maths and science exams

For Panditji’s 100th birthday, all schools took part in some essay writing. My social science master chose me for essay writing. He drove me on his cycle for this competition. I think I managed to get a consolation prize.

However there was one other incident when I was narrating, I forgot everything and stood blank.

And during school prayer, kids were chosen and asked to speak on topics. The well narrated ones got 5Rs as a reward. On many occasions, I received the 5 Rs note !

…So in a way I enjoyed filling this school form in particular. I would mark this form as the best I have filled till date. The rest of them have super boring forms asking questions such as Caste.. (jaadi enna paa Jaadi , aren’t all Indians brothers and sisters eh ????) .and annual salaries …ufff what boredom !!!!


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