Property Dreams

While we were kids, we visited our grand-ma who owned a property in the prime Lalbaugh area of Bangalore. So this is the Bangalore I grew up knowing, the Lalbaugh, the National college and Jayanagar.

What I saw today made me gasp! this city is growing by leaps and bounds. For some business dealing, the husband, the son and I set off from our part of town in South Bangalore to a different part of town- beyond KR Puram. So while we waited and waited for the person to turn up, we killed time by ordering some juices etc. And all this on a dusty highway,where the only stalls you see are the ones that cook road side mutton and chicken biryani or some fried rice.

When the person whom we had to meet turned up, she took us to some villas getting constructed. You can call this some sort of gated community, far away from the main roads, tucked inside. Some villas are nearing completion while still a lot of work and a lot of workers continue to build other houses, so there are cement mixtures and construction workers round the clock. Dust, construction material, laborers, the noise of cement mixtures – this is what is gonna be the situation for atleast another one year I felt so.

For a moment, I wondered who booked these villas. Far away from roads. There is no way you can commute if you didn’t have a car. What sort of school buses would pick kids from here? And what kind of water facility do these villas promise?

Dusty roads, the never ending outer ring roads, the flyovers, the traffic- it was a little too much for the day by the time we made it to home by late afternoon. And somehow , today it seemed like it is peak summer already

I think my eyes are used to seeing a certain things every day – the familiar south Bangalore surroundings, the familiar ORR. My part of town isn’t very different from what I saw today. I stay on similar surroundings, on a highway with  the Metro getting constructed, a good part of our roads are eaten up

A few years back. the husband and I took the dusty Kanakpura road on our scooter. He was showing me few apartments on the road. That road was so new to me then. Today , this is home

On a dusty hot afternoon, any other passer by from a different part of Bangalore might have similar questions- Who buys property here !!

But we all buy something that answers some questions for us – for some it could be  proximity to the work place, for others it could be an area where schools are in abundance , and sometimes, the most important factor is what you can afford  – of course no middle class Indian can dream of property today in prime areas such as Jayanagar or a MG road today.

That explains the need to move to places -that seem illogical to some of us

Whatever said and done – the city is forever growing. Apartment complexes are coming up in the middle of nowhere. Again , as we drive through these areas, we ask each other the same question – who buys property here.

The answer is the same – You buy only what your pocket can afford


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