India- The fear Factor for Women

We don’t have regular cab this week.So it is up to me when I close the laptop calling it a day and taking the journey back home. Taking a volvo at Kadabisanahalli isn’t a tedious task.There are a plenty of volvos plying to Banashankari between 4:45- 5 PM. The problem however begins when you leave later than 5:30 PM. The buses to Banashankari aren’t frequent. There are more 500D’s than 500C’s or 500A’s. 500D’s stop at Silk board, their last stop. And the ordeal begins at Silk Board. Silk Board as many South Bangaloreans might know is like a mini Majestic bus stand, a very busy hub. Buses towards Banashankari would be full. Not to mention, all kinds of  folks from labour waaals to software engineers waiting for connecting buses.

However private vans such as school buses and office cabs are ready to take in general public for a cheap ticket of 5-10Rs. With dark interiors, curtains drawn in, with only a driver to man the vehicle and no conductor, these guys shout “Banashankari Banashankari” .

Uptil a few days back, I never thought twice before boarding such private vehicles.My only concern was getting as near as possible to home, even if it meant hoping on to multiple buses .

But not since the Delhi gang rape incident. Today I realized, I might have been the only lady in one such private bus plying between Banashankari-Kanakpura.The rest of the passengers comprised of labourers mostly or garment factory workers. For a few moments I panicked, and hoped my bus stop would arrive early.

Uptil yesterday, I would not have minded sharing a volvo seat with any male. Today I don’t.I politely ask the person if he can shift elsewhere or I stand, fully knowing that a seat next to me is vacant

It sends strong signals ” I am not comfortable sharing a seat with another male”. I don’t care if you look decent, look educated or look very software engineer kind.

Today my M-I-L would take a train on her own and the Brother in law would pick her up at the destination. And I worry. A lot in fact. No one is spared in modern India. not infants  , not mothers, not even grand mothers.

Is this what we call India shining?



This is all that Bangalore can handle. The traffic I mean. On Monday,I took a volvo from JP nagar at 8:40 AM and was at my office gate in ORR at 9:15  AM !!! On any ordinary day, leaving for work at 8:40 AM would spell doom. I would have reached work only by 10:30 AM !!

Today the volvo took less than 5 min from Bellandur to my work place !

And at 5 PM on Monday, the Bellandur signal resembled a “bandh day” . In tamil that would translate to : oru ee kaaka illa ” (not a crow or fly to be seen !)

Too good to be true