God’s goody bag

Sometimes I wonder if God gave away all that he had in his goody bag to a select few, and by the time he realized he was running short of goodies, he started handing over just a few goodies to each family.So while a girl might have the best husband,she would have bad in-laws  , or might face extreme difficulty in conceiving a baby

A friend at work has been longing for a baby for many years now. Its simply unfair I feel, when some one expects something so honestly and they are denied of that .From temple poojas , to vrathams to doctor visits they have done it all. But month after month, she is subjected to disappointment .

From temple visits and prayers, it has now come to daily check ups in the hospital, daily injections, daily examinations which are very taxing and painful for her.

At the moment, I can term it akin to a debug phase (she herself calls it the code debug phase) where each stage is passed and certified before they move on to the next

Added to the agony, the younger brother is getting married soon.So whether it is told out loud or not, it puts an added pressure to this girl and her husband to produce a baby before the younger brother takes lead in the near future.

That makes me wonder what times we live in.From frequent taunts , it has now come to a wait and watch phase in her family, simply because the son thought it would be best if his mom just didn’t interfere and let nature take its own course. Thank god for that

At the moment what my friend has is a very understanding spouse who thinks they are together in this tough phase , her parents for support and friends to talk to

I just hope whatever efforts they are putting at the moment turn out fruitful.It simply ain’t about how costly the treatment is, but I think what they have invested in is – lots of hope and a lot of waiting !





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