Last evening, I decided to walk down to a near by Reliance fresh store to stock veggies and curd since my in-laws were arriving late in the night

And I decided to walk back home with all the load hanging from my right arm. Thank god my son wasn’t around.

The walk back was very tough indeed.

And as I was getting closer to home, I was stopped by a young lady and she asked me if I need a lift.

“I saw you from a distance ” . “I have done something like this before and I know its tough she says”

And she offers me a ride uptil a point closer to home.

When she asked me actually the first time, I really didn’t expect someone to stop , wait for me to catch up and help me. I was stunned. That moment , the thought I had was “Who is she? Does she know me . Is she from my apartment”

“Are you sure,this load will not fall off” I asked her, as I sat on her scooty . and there you go within a minute I reached closer to home !

..and I was so thankful and amazed at this passer by 🙂


One thought on “Stranger

  1. I only wish even I could get such sweet strangers to help me out on such tedious shopping tasks..
    You were lucky!! And it indeed reminds us that not all people whom we see around us are insensitive to our situations..
    Some gentle souls do come up like this with their helping hand… 🙂 🙂 🙂

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