Water woes

This summer has been bad for most parts of Bangalore.For the past few weeks, our taps have been running dry.This I get to realize more during the weekends . So while I waited for the water to show up , I was reminded of a dry situation I experienced while staying in Hyderabad.

Having grown up in a town which was famous for coal mining , we never once faced a water crisis.In fact there was a surplus of water , almost all houses had a huge garden that was well watered on a daily basis.

And then Hyderabad happened.The bore well went dry in the house that I had rented.Me and my roommate, you could gasp in disbelief, we actually managed a good 15 days or so by having a shower in the office gym every morning.We were single, so really didn’t have to worry too much.Office provided lunch and dinner.And all we needed was a few buckets. And I remember standing with a bucket early one morning at a road side tap . To this day, I remember a neighbor making way for me since I belonged to the IT crowd !! 🙂

On my way to work , early mornings these days, I see colorful plastic buckets lining road side taps, a crowd gathering and awaiting?? fighting for its turn . These plastic buckets and the crowd reminds me of my Hyderabad days.

The Hyderabad house also housed a small family, that had a house wife and a small baby.I remember how she fumed . It took a long time for the owner to dig another well to salvage the situation.None of that house wife’s condition made sense at that point of time.We managed because we came home only to sleep.

Today I have a family to run, food to cook, clothes to wash , a toddler to be bathed and cleaned .

And today after many years, I remembered the water crisis in Hyderabad and the house wife.And today, I gave a thought to all those women in my apartment complex who battle this every day.How tough and frustrating can it be for them!


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