Solpa adjust maadi

I returned home from work last evening and I headed straight to the utility area to bring back clothes from the balcony and what do I see in the kitchen? I see that one of the burners was left on by the lady that comes in the morning to get my son ready .I leave early, so this girl fixes a coffee for herself.She heats up the left over dinner and has it for breakfast.I have never had issues in petty things such as fixing a coffee or eating leftovers.But I was fuming yesterday.A gas left on for a good 10 hours??? This isn’t the first time .Last time, she didn’t switch off the gas properly and I came home to a mild gas leak !! She absolutely has no business in the kitchen is what me , the husband and the in-laws discuss on many occasions.She isn’t helping with making breakfast or helping my son with milk or doing the dusting , something which she agreed to when I hired her.I do all that before I rush out of the door by 7AM.All she does is heat her coffee and only then she prepares herself to give the son a shower.

Last evening, we decided we will summon her and give her a soundful.By the time she turned up, I had mellowed down and only gave her a mild dialogue , though I was seething with anger when I first saw the incident. I guess leaving gas on is unforgivable.Not only is it a colossal waste of resource, it poses a terrible risk to our home as well as that of other apartments !!! Phew !!! FUMING !!!

The husband thought I was too soft on her.This morning, before leaving for work I thought I should raise the topic again and make it very clear because this girl wasn’t even ready to accept that she left it open.I hate it when people hide their mistakes and start lying.

And then the morning happened.The regular maid didnt turn up, and all I had to do was shut up.So when this girl turned up, rather than confront her, here I was requesting her to do the vessels as a favor.

So there goes my inflated ego.As a working mom, you are dependant on a whole lot of people.More so on the maids in India.

Every time you make a decision that the domestic help is of no use and needs to leave, there comes another situation such as the regular maid not turning up at all.So we swallow our anger and do the “solpa adjust maadi”. If I had lost cool, she would have found a job elsewhere , where as I would struggle with finding a replacement. Tell me, which toddler will adjust to a new aaya every now and then. So I rant on this space, I may not like her at all, but I will engage her for whatever little she does in the mornings.

Reminds me of my friends in my ex-organization. They always managed with mediocre resources in their projects .We were going through a no hiring phase, no salary increment and we were asked to produce results with what we had in hand. So as managers, we fumed, we discussed over lunch, we waited for the hiring block to clear.But then we continued to deliver with resources we weren’t happy with.

After all beggars cannot be choosers !


Will the change happen???

Raju is a nice guy, been working in our house for a good 2 years now. A large portion of his earning and a large portion of the salary advances we give him is sent back home because either he is constructing a new room or buying furniture in his hometown in Orissa. He has been doing the ” I am going to get married didi , in March! I will go for 2 months leave” for a good one year now. Since he stays far away from home, the whole ladki seeing, short listing will be done by his family. Raju will go once his mom short lists girls for him. He voluntarily told me that the girl’s family would gift them 50,000Rs , some money will go in getting stuff for his family. I asked if that money from the girl’s side would be used to buy stuff in Bangalore, to set up home because this is where he will set up home, since he works here. But no it seems. Those gifts in the form of furniture, bedding etc will remain in Orissa only. I tried to explain for a good 5 minutes that the whole business of gifting is bad. Asked him to imagine that the 50K could be a burden for the girl’s side. But Raju argued back and said , he would have to give gifts when his sister gets married . I asked when this vicious circle of giving and getting will change. He smiled back and had no answer.

Rajiya , who comes from a family of construction workers now works in the apartment complex as a maid.Her sister, barely 20? has been married off to someone that is already married. The groom stays in Gulbarga.The groom was seeking a new wife because the first wife was too stubborn and was not taking care of the Mom-in-Law.My friend in the complex tried very hard to stop the marriage.She even went ahead and opened a bank account for the girl so that whatever little she saves, gets into a savings account. But sadly , neither the girl nor the girls side of the family listened. The girl went further and gave a good 1 lakh as deposit and rented a home for her and her husband in Bangalore. The marriage happened. What we hear now, is that the bride is given a separate home to stay. The groom does not visit her. In turn, she spends her nights crying , having a M-I-L for company.

May be now Rajiya’s family realizes the mistake they did. They run every now and then to Gulbarga to solve the matters and see how they can salvage the situation. The new bride is back in Bangalore, working as a nanny in the same house where she worked earlier. I wouldn’t be surprised that the next time she is here, she might even be carrying a baby .

Will Aamir Khan’s show change the mindset of people such as these?? Raju did not watch the show.He said he watched it for a few minutes since the people in the mohalla were saying it was good.Rajiya and her family might not have watched since the show is not dubbed in Kannada. You can read about it here

The back side of the coin….

On days such as these, when it rained through the night, our cab driver takes a alternative route. A route which traverses through the many hamlets of Bellandur and Doodanakundi villages. This route does not ensure a faster and quicker access to Marathahhali but atleast we get to escape the traffic jam at ORR signals.It really seems like a never ending journey sometimes. So while he drives through lanes and by-lanes for a good 30 minutes, we get to see the real Bangalore that resides behind the glitz and glamor of the shiny software parks.

Narrow lanes, with houses built on barely 600sq ft , urchins on the road.Surprising every inch of space behind the IT glam sham has been used up by land sharks, You can see many a apartment complexes , some prominent ones too that promise a Spanish living and the likes. Today to my left, I saw piles and piles of sand that has been excavated  and to the right, a new slum.Atleast a fifty make shift houses with blue tarpaulin sheets .This city is forever in need of low cost labor that builds the IT capital.I wonder who the takers are.I seriously wonder. Who are the takers for a property hidden behind the ORR? with barely any road. The only access to these are muddy roads . A little further is a lake that is frothing .

A few months back, our cab had to stop to allow a snake to pass through .All this must have been fields or lake beds. Sadly now, these have been encroached upon by builders to construct new malls and housing complexes. My teammate stays close by .He says he pays a rent of 6K and above for a one BHK. The building houses eleven such homes.Ask me who has benefited the most from the IT boom, it must be the villagers who spotted the opportunity or landlords that possessed a 60*40 site. Now a 60*40 site provides home for atleast 5 families.Water , I assume might be fetched using water tankers.

The back road exposes the ugly Bangalore. The Bangalore that houses lower middle class homes, with toddlers being bathed in the cold, with food being cooked in the open.Yet the lower and educated middle class co-exist.If it weren’t for the IT boom, the middle class wouldn’t be here. The lower middle class survives due to the middle class. From cab drivers, to construction labor,to maids, to aayas for baby sitting, to tiffin being supplied, from janiters, security staff , have you ever paid attention to the kind of opportunities this city has thrown up to the lower middle class especially?

I woke up from my thought slumber to realize that we under  a railway bridge.We zoom past a high raised barbed wire protected compound. I began to wonder if we reached old airport. And then I spot my office building. We are back on ORR for the rest of the journey

While the cab driver gets his car checked by the security I wonder how much more this city would grow. May be it will as long as our US/UK counterparts want to cut down costs.As long as they need work to be outsourced, there will be more digging, more layouts.

Folklore says that the nandi in the Bull temple had a nail forced into its head, else it was growing uncontrollably. I wonder what that nail is for this city that is forever growing!