Reel Life God, Real life Villain

A local Kannada hero who romances the heroines  and beats up the baddies on screen , in real life hits his wife with his shoe, burns her with cigarette stubs and threatened to kill her by holding a pistol towards her. The wife lodges a complaint with the BLR police, but soon is asked to reconsider her decision since senior actors and producers intervene and ask her to reconsider her decision. Meanwhile, his fans protest, the actor complaints of asthma,breathlessness and instead of landing in jail, enjoys stay in a premium hospital in Bangalore. The Karnataka film association meanwhile thinks it can bring some sense into the mind of a non-localite Mumbai actress, who  it believes is the cause for the marital tension and bans her from the Kannada film industry for a good 3 years.

So, what does this episode mean to us?

It simply means

A)If you are popular,then you can get away with any crime , even if it means wife beating and domestic violence

B)A marriage in India means adjusting not just with your new husband, but then with his entire family.Since this happens to be a high profile case, it so happened that every one seems to intervene and the poor wife who was tortured was asked to shut up

C)If you are popular, you can check-in to any posh hospital and fake illness!

D)It shows how much idol/hero worship we blindly do.Most likely his fans are the front-benchers who whistle at their hero’s chivalry,  and think its macho enough to beat a lady black and blue.

E)There is too much moral policing.Even if the Mumbai actress did have an affair with the actor which was the cause for the marriage to break,it is a matter to be sorted out between the 3 adults.Without even consulting the actress, she was banned from the industry.And some one at the top of the industry affairs, even goes on to say , it would teach others a lesson not to mess with an actor’s marriage for personal gains

F)There is too much money riding on these actors.If he were jailed, his movies would flop and the producers would be at great loss.So the film industry gets together and intervenes and the poor lady who was traumatised by her husband has to take back her case and lie that she fell in the bathroom! ok! probably you fell and broke your arms, but what about those burn marks lady????

G)A lot of other actors and actresses want to keep mum on this issue because speaking against the powerful producers guilt means doing a “Aa bhains bujhe maar” Act!. They simply fear the consequences.

What I ask is why is the industry not accepting that their hero did a grave mistake of wife beating .It’s a clear case of severe domestic violence where a wife gets beaten for close to 3 hours and a toddler is left traumatized.Why is an actress blamed for this? Was the actor a milk-drinking-baby to get carried away, even if we did assume that the actress tried to trap him?Was he the innocent rat in the Pied Pier story to sway if the actress indeed tried to lure him? If a man and woman are caught indulging in an extra marital affair, why is the woman blamed for it?

There is too much slush .It is hard to clean a society which primarily runs on money power and status! Darshan should now sing the song “Nayak Nahi..Kalnayak hoon mein”


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