The Daily Route

I travel a good 1.5 hrs one way from my home to work.Today on the way back, I was looking at each of those areas that I pass through and was wondering how each one was different from the other.

A)ORR or the Outer Ring road is the IT hub for BLR.The Bellandur area has a Central Mall, is bustling with two wheelers and four wheelers.Traffic is a mess, a fly over is under construction.A lot of real estate builders have come up with swanky apartments to lure the IT crowd.But for the IT corridor, this area must have been a remote outskirts of the city!

B)The HSR-Silk Board : Lots of posh individual houses, newly constructed, each one different from the other.Very pleasant to watch since some of these houses have very unique designs.Well laid roads,gives a very planned city feel to the place.Again thriving well because its easily accessible from Whitefield as well as Electronics City

C)Bannerghatta Road: Lots of apartment complexes.Chok a block traffic.A urban feel to the place.Lots of shopping malls and eateries to cater to the urban middle class crowd.

D)MS Ramiah City: Like this place for the greenery.From here on , there is more greenery.Also it being the rainy season, everything looks refreshing and cool!Again this is a well planned layout, nicely laid roads.Gives a gated community kind of feel to it

E)JP NGR 8th phase: From here on, you see the urban look deteriorating..Lots of bushes and houses sparingly seen.Hardly decent roads and the ride is usually bumpy.Sometimes I wonder how people manage to reach their homes once it gets dark, because these are tucked away deep inside!

On the way back to Kanakpura road , there is a huge hamlet that has been set up by nomads .Lots of camels ,probably they make a living out of those.However every day I wonder what kind of money they would earn in a IT city !!

I was always fascinated about history, esp the Indus Valley civilisation and how a city/town gets born .

Its amazing and interesting  as to how each area within the same city is different from the other. The shapes, the sizes and the look they achieve based on how man manipulates the resources around them!


A Refreshing break

For a long time now, I have been wanting to pen down my trip to town T, in Andhra. T is so unlike BLR and that is why I love T. T has a typical rural setting, no mad rush, no maddening traffic and pollution.A lot time in the town was spent looking around and admiring and clicking pics of an every day town life.

Stuff that clicked…

a)Town school kids perched on cycle rickshaws.Took a pic of them as they passed our galli and they were only too happy to pose.I assume school must be real fun for them!

b)Early morning walks with the baby.We greeted a few buffaloes that someone at the end of the road owned.They also had few chickens, so loved watching the buffaloes and the chickens. 

There was this lil girl who stayed in the house that had those buffaloes and one day she rushed out, greeted our boy and handed over a banana to him.So much warmth and love ! When I left T, I wondered what she would grow up to become.Would she get to study and settle down comfortanly or would she be married off young to someone in a village.Neverthless this is a pic of her that I captured.

c)Lots of free space for the boy to play.Mornings were busy, in the huge courtyard, while the elders  filled water, the boy was tooo glad messing around.From watering the Tulsi plant, to plucking flowers for the puja,or simply playing with the utensils that were laid down to dry, there was something or the other that kept him engaged.

d)Just looking out of the window, as the ice cream wala passes by sends you back in time.In the city, we stay in an apartment complex, so we really dont have a view to a road .

e)The tenants kid was a delight too.He was about 4-5 yrs old and provided company to my toddler after his school hours.Watching them run around and enjoy thoroughly was a delight

f)It was peak summer when we visited. The mango tress in full bloom were a delight to watch

g)The kiddo loved the break, he is otherwise put in a day long daycare with other kids in the city
I truly wish Indian towns retain their old world charm, so that our kids get to enjoy nature and its beauty!

The Rural Touch

Ok! if there’s something that the boy really loves, then its the nursery rhymes on youtube. Seriously, youtube has been a blessing.We love the Telugu rhymes specifically.They have a very Indian feel to it .The kiddo was crazzy about trains a few weeks back, so we played Chuk Chuk Rail again and again and again all day long.Soon enough he got bored of that.Now he is hooked on to “Row Row boat” and “The Wheels on the Bus”

I love the rural Indian touch that has been given to the Telugu nursery rhymes.Most of these videos has a mom singing to the child , with a rural setting such as a charpoi, or a mud hut.Gives a very refreshing feel for some one who battles the day thro the corporate/concrete jungle

Talking about rhymes, some simply don’t appeal at all and the son gets wild , waves a “Bye” and starts hitting the laptop.There are some that are truly melodious. We like “Aku kavala”, Tharangam, Koti Bawa Pelli, Chuk Chuk Rail, Chandamama Rave.

There are also some that have a lesson at the end.One such is a girl child that refuses to do house hold chores and enjoys going to school with big bro.Probably such rhymes are designed keeping in mind that girls are a neglected lot in rural India.There is also another hilarious one where a daughter-in-law parrot refuses to adjust in her in-laws place 🙂 Kind of funny how childrens rhymes have social issues neatly stuffed into them

I am leaving here a link to one of those rhymes that has a rural backdrop to it.

Hello from the Vethal!! The Vampire

After having dabbled for close to 4 years on blospot, I decided to move on to WordPress.Well I always liked some of the blogs that were on wordpress,liked the layout, the designs and needed a change myself.

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